How To Find Drafts on Instagram?

How to see your drafts on Instagram

The Best Answer:

  1. Instagram doesn’t have a clear way of seeing your drafts.
  2. If you have an iPhone, however, you can save your drafts by opening the app.
  3. Swiping down.
  4. Hold the photo that you wish to save, and then select “Save Draft.”

How to use drafts on Instagram


Where can I find my drafts for Instagram 2021?

You can find your drafts in the “Drafts” folder of your profile. You can view your drafts by opening the “Drafts” folder and selecting the post you wish to view.

Why can’t my drafts be seen on Instagram?

You might not be able to see your drafts in Instagram for one of several reasons. There are two possible reasons why you can’t see your drafts on Instagram.

One is that they have been deleted by Instagram.

You may also have drafts in a private account that are not currently logged into.

How can you get drafts on Instagram back?

Download the Instagram app to get your drafts back. After you’ve downloaded the app, sign into your account and click on the profile icon at the bottom-right.

Next, tap the three lines at the top-left and choose “Drafts.” Drafts that you’ve saved will appear here.

Did Instagram remove drafts?

Yes, Instagram has removed drafts as of June 2019. Users can now no longer save drafts to their posts and publish them later.

My Instagram reel drafts went where?

You can delete an Instagram reel draft at any time. If you have a public Instagram account, deleted drafts might still be visible to others.

Where can I find my drafts for Instagram 2020?

You can find your drafts in the “drafts folder” section of your Instagram app.

Open the Instagram app, and then tap the “profile” icon at the bottom-right corner.

Next, tap the three lines at the top-left of the screen and choose “drafts.”

How can I locate my Instagram saved reels?

Open the app and tap the three lines at the top of the main screen. Scroll down and choose “Saved.” Your saved videos are displayed at the bottom.

How can you locate a saved draft?

You can save a draft of your message to be saved in your “Drafts” folder. Open your inbox, click on “Drafts”, and you will find it. You will see the draft at the top.

Is it possible to save Instagram drafts locally?

Yes, Instagram drafts can be saved locally to your device. Your drafts are deleted when you close the app or reinstall it.

How can I retrieve a draft Facebook post?

Log in to your Facebook account, then click the “drafts” link located in the left column of your News Feed.

This will open a list of all posts that you have written but not yet published. Click on the “edit” link next to a draft to view it.

Click on the “delete” link if you don’t want to publish the post.

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