How to Hide Posts From Someone on Instagram

How to hide Instagram posts from certain followers?

The Best Answer:

  1. There are many ways to hide posts on Instagram from certain followers.
  2. It might be worth creating a private Instagram account to share only the posts that you wish to keep secret.
  3. To selectively share posts with selected followers, you could also use a third-party app such as Hootsuite

How to hide Instagram posts from someone


Is it possible to hide Instagram posts from certain followers?

You can hide certain posts from Instagram followers without them being blocked. To hide a post, click the three dots at the top right of the screen. Select “Hide from” to choose which followers you wish to hide the post.

How can you hide an Instagram post from someone?

You can hide an Instagram post from someone by either:
1) Remove yourself from the post
2) Hide the post in the profile of the person
3) Report the spam post

Is it possible to hide Instagram posts from one individual?

You can hide Instagram posts from one individual by choosing “Only Me”, as the audience. This will make sure that your post is hidden from anyone but you.

Is it possible to limit who sees your Instagram photos?

You can restrict who sees your Instagram photos. They can be made public or private. You can make them public or private so only you and your approval are able to see them.

How can I hide a posting from someone?

Facebook does not allow you to hide posts. You can make a post private or delete it if you don’t want anyone to see it.

What happens if I restrict an Instagram user?

You can restrict an Instagram user to view your posts.

How can I hide Instagram posts while not following them?

There are many ways to hide Instagram posts. You can hide posts from your feed or disable notifications for the account.

How can you hide Instagram posts starting in 2021?

Since Instagram posts are published in 2021, there is no way to hide them. You can make the posts private or delete them from your account so only approved followers can view them.

Do you think someone will find out if I hide their posts from my timeline?

Yes, Facebook will show the post back to the original poster. You can choose to unfriend or hide the posts of someone you don’t wish them to see.

How do I know if an Instagram user has restricted my access?

It’s possible that you have been restricted from seeing someone’s profile and posts. You can search their Instagram profile to find out. If they don’t have it, they may have restricted your access.

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